Hack any Games with GameGuardian 8.2.1 for Android

GameGuardian works as advertised, unlocking a wide variety of cheats for use with many games, as well as including a search function for more variables to modify. The only downside is that like many cheating tools that require root access, it may need a little technical knowhow and quite a bit of research to learn how to use it.

Here is how to Use Game Guardian 

Now that you have downloaded the Game Guardian APK on Android, let’s move towards the installation guide

Cheat your way to victory in your Androidgames with GameGuardian.

GameGuardian is an app that lets you modify the content of your Android video games to get advantages and improvements 'illegally.' It works based on code injection during the runtime to modify the parameters you want

Once GameGuardian is installed, you can leave the app running in the background with a semitransparent icon that you can see on the screen at all times. When you run a game, you can open GameGuardian and select the process of the app you want to modify. For example, if you only have a certain number of lives in a game, you can use GameGuardian's hexadecimal editor to search for this number and replace it with any number you want. 

Another one of GameGuardian's features is its ability to modify the app's internal clock and of the device itself to get immediate improvements in video games that normally make you wait a certain number of hours for a building to be built or to get your energy back. If you hold down your finger on the floating icon, you can increase or decrease the flow of time. 

It goes without saying that this app, in most cases, is meant to be used to basically cheat at games. So, if the developers of the apps you use it for detect that you're cheating, you run the risk of losing your account. Don't say we didn't warn you.

GameGuardian is a free cheating tool for Android devices by gameguardian.net which gives you cheat codes for your Android games. By hacking game data in your system folders or modifying the game in memory, it can unlock cheats like more lives, infinite ammo, invincibility, and others. GameGuardian also supports speedhacks, which allow you to slow down or speed up an application.

GameGuardian works on a variety of x86 and ARM Android devices, as well as Android emulators such as Bluestacks. GameGuardian requires that your Android device be rooted for it to work correctly.

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