This alleged Mi 9 prototype has a rear-mounted fingerprint scannner


A couple of days ago, live photos of a device said to be the Mi 9 surfaced on the internet. The images showed only the back of the phone which has a triple camera setup. It also didn’t have a visible fingerprint scanner which confirmed that the Mi 9 will have an in-display fingerprint scanner.

Another image of the phone has leaked online but there is a major difference between it and the first one. The new photo is said to be of a Mi 9 prototype. The device is enclosed in a special case that completely hides the design of the phone save for cut-outs for certain parts.

The Mi 9 prototype has a triple camera setup too and it is in the same position as the live image that fist leaked. In addition to the camera cut out is a larger hole for a fingerprint scanner.

Does this mean there are two versions of the Mi 9? Yes. It has already been reported that there will be an Explorer Edition and just like the Mi 8, we expect significant differences between the regular Mi 9 and the Mi 9 Explorer Edition.

The plausible explanation is that the version with an in-display fingerprint scanner will likely launch as the Mi 9 Explorer Edition or the Mi 9 Pro while this prototype with a fingerprint scanner on its back is the regular variant.

The image also shows the case with two holes at the top right corner. We practically have no idea what the holes are for and if this wasn’t already rumored to be the Mi 9, we would say this is the Essential PH-2 and those holes are connectors for the Essential 360° VR camera or the Essential Audio Adapter HD.

Will you buy the Mi 9 if it does have a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner and not an in-display scanner? Do let us know.



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